Sobriety Coins

Reach Your Goal

Sobriety coins, also known as AA coins or recovery medallions, are special tokens or coins that are often used in support groups and recovery programs, particularly with the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and similar organizations. These coins symbolize milestones in an individual's journey toward sobriety and serve as reminders of their commitment to recovery.
Personalized Sobriety Coins

Recovery tokens are awarded to people who have achieved specific periods of sobierty. When a participant of a program has been sober for 24 hours and manifests it at an AA meeting, they receive their first token. After that, they receive a token for each month they stay sober for the first 12 months. Later they receive an annual token for each year they stay sober.

Customized Sobriety Coins for recovery programs

Receiving a sobriety coin is a way for support groups, sponsors and peers to recognize and celebrate an individual's dedication to staying sober. The coins provide positive reinforcement and encouragement to continue working towards long-term sobriety. Sobriety tokens serve as a visual representation of an individual's progress and growth in their recovery journey. They create a sense of unity within support groups.

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Customize these AA coins with various designs, colors and in different materials.

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