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Use coins to replace cash money during your event for serving drinks and food. Drink and meal tokens are often used in the hospitality and food & beverage industries. They serve as a form of currency that customers can use to redeem specific drinks or meals at the venue. Here are some common uses of these tokens:
Customized Drink and Meal Tokens | Festival Tokens

Events and festivals
Drink and meal tokens are used at events, festivals and concerts to streamline the purchasing process. Instead of using cash or credit cards for each transaction, attendees can exchange tokens for food and beverages.

Zoos and animal parks
In zoos and animal parks they are the perfect currency to buy something in the gift shop. Is a child celebrating their birthday? Then give them some zoo tokens with which they can choose something in the park's shop.

Promotions and special offers
Businesses can distribute drink and meal tokens as part of promotional campaigns. For instance, a restaurant might offer a free drink token for every two meals purchased during a specific period of time.

Personalized Drink and Meal Tokens made from recycled fishing nets

Employee benefits
Companies might offer drink and meal tokens to their employees as part of their benefits package or for team building activities. For example, a company might provide its employees with tokens for a team lunch or dinner as a reward for meeting their goals.

Tourist destinations, hotels or travel companies might include meal and drink tokens as part of a vacation package, giving guests a hassle-free dining experience.

VIP access
Premium or VIP customers could receive special tokens as part of their VIP package, granting them access to exclusive drinks or meals.

Drink and Meal Tokens for farmer's markets

Farmer's market
Also at farmer's markets, tokens are used as means of payment. Local farmers, artisans and vendors use token systems which make shopping and supporting local businesses much easier! Purchase tokens at the entrance, wander through the market and exchange the tokens with the vendors. It makes transactions quick and hassle-free.

Overall, drink and meal tokens enhance customer experiences, simplify transactions, and can be a creative way to promote products and services while adding value to a customer's visit or event attendance.

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