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Let's start with tokens!

Our personalized tokens are most commonly used as replacement for actual money. By putting your own logo or name on the tokens, they will be easy to recognize which reduces the chances of fraud, they are the perfect cashless currency.

In addition to your own artwork, you can add an expiry date on the tokens, which limits their use in time.

We would recommend that you check events or organizations in your neighbourhood to make sure your tokens stand out and look completely different. We would also advise that you change the color, size or personalization of the tokens regularly.

Benefits of using tokens

Personalized tokens can ease any security worries, as money is received in one central place rather than several till points. This means less supervision is required as customers and staff rarely come in contact with cash during the entire event, as customers can only pay with tokens, instead of cash. Tokens will also speed up the payment process at the counter, reducing queues.

Flexibility in price settings is also an important advantage of working with tokens, as your prices can easily be altered even at the very last minute.

Experience tells us that about 1/8th of tokens purchased are never exchanged for a drink. They are left in purses, pockets and backpacks. In other words, event organizers can recover their initial outlay right away.

Other applications

Personalized tokens are not only a perfect money alternative. These coins are widely used throughout various sectors and have a myriad of applications: reward tokens, sobriety coins, loyalty tokens, church tokens, commemorative tokens, promotional tokens and drink and meal tokens.