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Personalized Medals in different sustainable materials

Custom Medals

Celebrate Any Kind of Accomplishment

At b-token, innovation meets recognition in designing unique medals suitable for any occasion, be it athletic events, academic celebrations or any gathering that merits special acknowledgment. Our vision is to give your participants a memorable token of appreciation, thoughtfully designed to highlight sustainability.
Personalized Medals made from sustainable materials

Innovative materials

Forget the traditional metal medals. Choose creativity and promote going green with our 9 different materials for your awards. Our selection ranges from eco-friendly choices like recycled fishing nets and potato peels which you know from our token materials to contemporary options such as acrylic and plywood. 

Each medal is a symbol of your commitment to sustainability and leaves a lasting impression.

Personalized Medals with a design printed, lasered and embossed

Customization options

Every medal we provide has the additional option of personalization. Select your material, and we'll unveil a range of customization options tailored to your needs:

  • Printing: Vivid, full-color display on one or both sides designed to capture attention (one side on acrylic due to material constraints).
  • Lasered: For plywood selections, we offer the option to have your logo lasered directly into the wood, creating a unique effect.
  • Engraved: Designs are embossed onto the medal, offering the traditional raised look that adds depth and character.
Custom Medals in different shapes, sizes and materials

All shapes and sizes

Recognizing that the impact of a medal can be influenced by its form, we offer a variety of shapes and sizes. For our token materials plastic, wood, fishnet, chewing gum and biodegradable, we provide a standard round shape ø 2.76"

Explore further with our alternative shapes, rectangle, circle, square, hexagon, and octagon, among others. If you envision a unique size or shape outside the norm, we're more than happy to accommodate custom requests up to 3.15" x 3.15" for these materials.

Medal Ribbons with pre-printed designs

The finishing touch: medal ribbons

For those seeking a fast solution to compliment and complete your medals, we offer standard 0.79" wide R-PET ribbons with pre-printed designs

If customization is key, our bespoke ribbon service allows for full creativity. Match your colors, boldly display a logo or promote your message. Keeping up with the eco theme, the personalized ribbons are also made from the eco-friendly 0.79" wide R-PET fabric.

Proudly manufacturing all our medals in our own production facility, our team collaborates closely with you to ensure your needs are met with precision and care. With a personalized service and accessible minimum orders, our goal is to deliver unmatched quality. Get in touch to see how we can meet your requirements!

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