Plastic Coin-counting Trays

Don't Lose Count

Thanks to these plastic sorting trays, you can store your tokens in an orderly and practical way. We developed these reusable coin-counting trays ourselves and specially tailored them for our range of tokens. They are a sturdy, budget-friendly and functional solution for storing your tokens. We have the sorting trays in stock making them immediately available. They are perfect for providing a smooth and efficient service at the cash desk of your event, discotheque, bar, etc.

A token counting tray holds 500 tokens, divided into 50 compartments of 10 tokens each. We offer 2 sizes:

  • Grey: for 0.91'', 0.98'' and 1.14'' tokens
  • White: for 1.37", 1.50" and hexagon tokens




Price from $10.50

for the largest quantities

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the coin-counting trays stackable?

Yes, the sorting trays are easy to stack using marked letters A and B. Empty coin-counting trays are stacked by placing letter A on top of A. Filled sorting trays are stacked by placing letter A on top of B. Please note: counting trays filled with 1.50" tokens cannot be stacked.

What are the dimensions on the outside of the counting trays?
  • Grey: 13.31" x 9.61" x 1.38"
  • White: 13.31" x 9.61" x 1.69"
Can I also keep lucky clover tokens in the counting trays?

Yes, lucky clover tokens fit into our grey coin-counting trays for tokens 1.14'' in diameter.

Are the sorting trays dishwasher safe?

Yes, the token counting trays can go in the dishwasher.

Is there also a lid available for the sorting trays?

No, our sorting trays do not come with a lid.

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