Biodegradable Tokens

The French Fries Token

At b-token, sustainability and ecological products are key: so a 100% biodegradable token could not be left out from our range! To produce our eco-tokens, we use a starch-based bioplastic derived from potato peels. We get the potato peels from the potato processing industry. It was a conscious decision to go for starch from potato peels, so we don't use food from the food chain. So this token consists entirely of natural and renewable raw materials. In nature, the tokens will degrade within a few months under the influence of air, moisture, sunlight and bacteria, acting as natural fertilisers for plants.

Our biodegradable tokens are not only a sustainable choice, they can also be designed to your requirements. If you want 100% sustainable tokens, it is best to opt for embossing or a hole, as using ink is less ecological. They are available in different colors.





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