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Looking for a unique and eco-friendly means of payment for your event in a hurry? Our 1.14" wooden tokens from stock are available immediately from our warehouse. The coins are made from potato peels and wood fibres and fully biodegradable. They have a different design printed in full color on each side.

Besides wood, we also stock tokens made of plastic, fishing net and biodegradable material. If you prefer to design a unique token yourself, check out our wide range of personalized wooden tokens.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of wood is used to produce wooden coins?

It involves a fibre mix of different species of wood. So no specifc single type of wood is used. All the materials are certified under the PEFC label.

Do all tokens have a rim as standard?

For ease of use, most of our tokens have a rim of about 0.118" width all the way around the edge. Except for our funfair tokens, these do not have a rim.

What is the thickness of the tokens?

The thickness of the tokens is 0.098" at the edge and 0.079" for the rest of the token.

How can I clean the tokens?

Use a mild cleaning agent and warm water to clean your tokens.

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