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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all tokens have a rim as standard?

As standard most of our tokens have a rim of about 0.118" width all the way around the edge. Except for our funfair tokens, these do not have a rim.

What thickness are the tokens?

The thickness of the tokens is 0.098" at the edge and 0.079" for the rest of the token.

Are the tokens recyclable?

Of course! No longer need your tokens? Send them back to our office. We recycle and breakdown the tokens for reusing. In exchange, you will receive a 5% discount on your next order.

How can I clean the tokens?

Use a mild cleaning agent and warm water to clean your tokens.

What is the difference between printed and embossed?

With printing, we digitally print your design on the tokens in one or more colors. When embossing, your design is raised from the surface and is the same color as the token.

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