Wooden Festival Tokens

Breakable, But Durable!

Looking for a unique and eco-friendly form of payment for large-scale festivals and events? b-token has the ideal solution: our wooden break-off tokens. These festival tokens are made from potato peels and wood fibres, making them 100% natural and biodegradable. The break-off tokens each consist of 25 separate tokens (5x5), each of which is breakable in two, except for the middle token because of its sturdiness.

We print the festival tokens with your design in full color on the front and back with extremely adhesive opaque ink. If required, you can also opt for unique numbering on the sheets.




Detail personalization

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Frequently Asked Questions

What specific type of wood is used to produce wooden coins?

It involves a fibre mix of different species of wood, often residual streams. So no specific single type of wood is used. All the materials are certified under the PEFC label.

What are the dimensions of the festival tokens?

The size of the sheet is 4.73" by 4.73". Each individual token measures 0.91" by 0.91".

Are all 25 coins breakable?

To ensure the strength of the mat, the middle coin on the sheet is the only coin that does not have a break line and therefore cannot be broken in half.

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