Plastic Festival Tokens

Personalized On a Mat

Festival tokens made of plastic are a safe and efficient form of payment during concerts, festivals, events, ... They provide a convenient alternative to cash. Our break-off tokens come in sheets of 25 coins, each of which can be broken into 2. To ensure the strength of the sheet, the middle coin is the only coin that does not have a break line. We deliver the sheets in convenient boxes, which ensures easy distribution at the checkout, avoiding queues.

You can have the festival tokens personalized with your own design by printing on one or both sides, in one color or multiple colors. This prevents fraud and also puts sponsors and brands in the spotlight. You can choose from a range of different sheet colors and as an optional extra, each sheet can also be uniquely numbered. Need festival tokens fast? Then take a look at our break-off tokens in stock. They are available immediately and feature stock designs printed on white sheets.





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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the festival tokens?

The size of the sheet is 4.73" by 4.73". Each individual token measures 0.91" by 0.91".

Are all 25 coins breakable?

To ensure the strength of the mat, the middle coin on the sheet is the only coin that does not have a break line and therefore cannot be broken in half.

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