Biodegradable Festival Tokens

The Ideal Potato For Any Festival

Use our biodegradable coins as the perfect means of payment outdoors! These eco-coins are made of starch-based bioplastic derived from potato peels. So not only is your product made from a natural and renewable raw material. In addition, they can be produced at a low temperature.

Our break-off tokens consist of 25 separate coins that can each be broken into two, except for the middle coin. This allows you to serve customers quickly at the cash register and bar. These festival tokens are available in different colors and can be personalized by printing in one color or multiple colors, on one side or both sides. Impress your customers with our biodegradable break-off tokens!





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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the festival tokens?

The size of the sheet is 4.73" by 4.73". Each individual token measures 0.91" by 0.91".

Are all 25 coins breakable?

To ensure the strength of the mat, the middle coin on the sheet is the only coin that does not have a break line and therefore cannot be broken in half.

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