Printed Plastic Tokens

Printed, Now That Makes an Impression!

Personalised tokens are tamper-proof thanks to your own design printed on the token. At b-token, we digitally print plastic tokens with strong adhesive opaque ink. Your design can be printed on 1 or 2 sides with either identical or a different design either side. Personalise tokens with your logo in 1 colour or multiple colour print for an eye-catching look. In addition, we can also add extra data such as numbering, a qr-code or barcode. On white tokens, you can choose one of our colourful standard designs in addition to your own. These can be found in the design tool (configurator).

The printed tokens are available in rectangular and round shapes, with the round tokens being sold in different diameters. Thanks to the robust material, they are perfect for frequent use.





Detail Personalisation

Price from €0.029

for the largest quantities

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the tokens recyclable?

Of course! No longer need your tokens? Send them back to our office. We recycle and breakdown the tokens for reusing. In exchange, you will receive a 5% discount on your next order.

Why do I pay a different price for printing on white or coloured tokens?

To ensure that the printed design on coloured tokens is bright and sharp, an additional white layer must be applied underneath the design. This process makes the production of the coloured tokens slightly more expensive.

Can I choose a round design on my token?

You can, but please bear in mind that round designs cannot always be perfectly centred due to the print process.

How can I clean the tokens?

Use a mild cleaning agent and warm water to clean your tokens.

What is the difference between printed and embossed?

With printing, we digitally print your design on the tokens in one or more colours. When embossing, your design is raised from the surface and is the same colour as the token.

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