Token Counting Trays

Don't Lose Count

Thanks to these plastic sorting trays, you can store your tokens in an orderly and practical way. We developed these reusable counting trays ourselves and specially tailored them for our range of tokens. They are a sturdy, budget-friendly and functional solution for storing your tokens. We have the counting trays in stock making them immediately available. They are perfect for providing a smooth and efficient service at the cash desk of your event, discotheque, bar, etc.

A token counting tray holds 500 tokens, divided into 50 compartments of 10 tokens each. We offer 2 sizes:

  • Grey: for 23,3 mm, 25 mm and 29 mm tokens
  • White: for 35 mm, 38 mm and hexagon tokens




Price from €5.50

for the largest quantities

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