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Pierced Fishing Net Tokens

There's a Hole in my Net!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order the fishing net tokens in a different colour?

No, our fishing net tokens are only available in turquoise.

Are the fishing net tokens also available with printing?

No, it is not possible to print the fishing net tokens. The ink we print the tokens with does not adhere to this fishing net material.

Are fishing net tokens made of 100% fishing nets?

The material of the tokens consists of 95% old fishing nets and 5% binder to ensure quality and strength.

Will all my tokens be exactly the same?

We cannot ensure this. The fishing net tokens are made from a recycled material, so there may be slight colour differences in the base material. There is also a tolerance on the size of the tokens so they may not be exactly the same size. This is also the reason why we advise not to use these fishing net tokens as shopping cart tokens. Of course, we do our best to reduce these differences as much as possible.

How can I clean the tokens?

Use a mild cleaning agent and warm water to clean your tokens.

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