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Football Tokens

Ready for kick-off?

Pre-printed or personalised tokens will be a hit at your football event! During those hectic moments, fast and efficient payment is just as important as a good attack on the pitch. With football tokens, you ensure quick handling at the box office so that your supporters don't miss a single goal.
Pre-printed Plastic Tokens with football designs

Tokens with a football twist

At b-token, we have launched a unique collection of pre-printed plastic tokens especially for the European football tournament. These 29 mm tokens feature vibrant football designs printed on 2 sides that even a referee would not blow the whistle at these. 

Whether you want to pay for a beer at the bar or score a tasty snack at half-time, these consumer tokens are your best team player. Already available to order from as little as 1.000 pieces. These tokens are available for a limited time only!

Personalised Plastic Tokens with football designs

Personalise the game

But wait, there's more! Imagine your own branded tokens flying through the air every time a goal is scored? Now you can! Go one step further and create your own personalised football tokens online. 

Choose from a range of materials and personalisation options and create a winning token. Whether it's a big event, a local football village or a big-screen football match in your pub, custom-made tokens will make every match even more memorable.

Person holding personalised Tokens with sportive designs

Get creative

Football is not a one-man sport, so why should your tokens be? Come up with creative concepts and think beyond tokens used for just food and drink. How about a token-collecting competition in your sports club? Let your members collect the various tokens and give them a reward in exchange for a complete collection. That way, you hype everyone up before the start of the football tournament.

Don't wait until halftime to make your move. Order online now and let your event become as legendary as a goal in the last minute.

Go for pre-printed or personalised designs!

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