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Wooden Cloakroom Tokens

For The Perfect Wardrobe





Price from €0.505

for the largest quantities

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific type of wood is used to produce wooden coins?

It involves a fibre mix of different species of wood, often residual streams. So no specifc single type of wood is used. All the materials are certified under the PEFC label.

How big is the opening of the cloakroom tokens?

The round opening has a diameter of 9 mm. The rectangular opening is 22 mm long and 15 mm wide (measured at the height of the notch).

How thick are the cloakroom tokens?

These coins are 3 mm thick.

In my current set, some numbers are missing. Should I order a completely new set?

No, that's not necessary. If your current set was purchased via b-token, you can easily place a reorder for the missing numbers. We will then charge a €20 setup fee.

Do I automatically get the cloakroom tokens twice?

No. You have to order two identical sets if you need a number for the customer as well as the coat rack.

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