Smart Tokens with a digital app

Smart Tokens

Best of Both Worlds

We live in a digital world. It is woven into our day-to-day lives. We can no longer function without it. Therefore, a digital solution should not be missing for your organisation needs. Discover our Smart Tokens!
Family using Smart Tokens with a digital application

Physical tokens with a digital app

At b-token, we think it's important to combine the fun of our physical tokens with endless digital possibilities. That's why we created the Smart Tokens. Here, we complement our physical tokens with a digital platform, tailor-made for you. You can use the Smart Tokens on three different levels:

  1. Gaming level
    Our tokens are widely used in the gaming industry. Games are also becoming increasingly digitised. Our Smart Tokens are the ideal link between traditional, physical games on the one hand and digital games on the other. They combine the strongest aspects of both. Traditional games bring people around the table and revolve around social interaction, while digital games also encourage connectivity.
  2. Educational level
    Smart Tokens can help children learn reading, writing and counting. This is also a perfect tool to introduce youngsters to money and banking.
  3. Payment level
    Combined with a digital platform, our tokens are a reliable payment and access control system. They are the perfect advertising tool, as they can be personalised with your logo or that of your sponsor.
Kid using a Smart Tokens in combination with a digital application

Applicable technologies

Thanks to an app we developed ourselves, you can use a tablet or smartphone to create different applications on your tokens. We are happy to explain which technologies we offer:

  1. Image recognition
    Image recognition can be used to identify certain images or objects. Image recognition is the app's way of doing what your eyes do: seeing an image and recognising it. By identifying images or patterns on the token and comparing them with images stored in the app, the app can identify the image for the camera.
  2. Augmented reality
    In augmented reality, the user gets an additional experience where reality is combined with computer-generated content. At first glance, there is nothing special to notice, but when the user scans the token, something magical happens. The application recognises the image on the token and activates a 3D image that appears and creates a different perception of reality.

Watch the video below and get totally immersed in the world of Smart Tokens. Download the Smart Token™ by b-token app. It is available for both iOS and Android.

Tailor-made Smart Tokens combined with a digital application


Please note that there are some Smart Tokens specifications:

Size tokens
Diameter: 38 mm
Thickness: 2 - 2,5 mm

Windows (on request)


Upon request

Minimum order quantity
25.000 tokens

Kids using Smart Tokens with a digital app

Suitable images

Any image with enough identifying features and contrast can be recognised. The more details, the better. Here, up to 5 tokens can be recognised simultaneously, depending on the quality and capacity of the device. The technology works on all mobile devices with a camera. Images need to be tested before we can guarantee recognition. Here, we recommend using images with corners, as they provide a better basis for recognition than round shapes. In certain conditions (e.g. light reflection) recognition may be affected.

Interested in combining your physical tokens with a digital app? We will work with you to find a suitable application.

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